Horsemanship Flag



Flexible fiberglass horsemanship flag weighs just ounces - safer than wire flags

The horsemanship flag is a tried and true tool every horse owner should have for horse training, and is a long standing favorite among natural horsemen who have followed the teachings of masters such as Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. We've modernized the old design to make it lighter, safer and easier to use.

Instead of antenna wire like your run-of-the-mill horsemanship flag, the shaft on this flag is made of flexible fiberglass so it has a springy feel and action, and makes it lighter to handle. The grip is made of tapered foam rubber, giving you a secure comfortable grip that is comfortable even in small hands. The silken flag feels great to the touch for your horse and is very good for desensitizing - it's softness allows you to "swoosh," "pop" or "zip" through the air for your individualized need or requirement.

Effective uses:

  • Groundwork
  • Horsemanship
  • Young Horse Development
  • Liberty
  • Herd work
  • Desensitization/confidence building