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Retractable Pocket Horsemanship Whip Stick

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Horsemanship stick - lunge whip - riding crop functionality that fits in your pocket!

A compelling option to a horseman's stick and string, lungeing whip, or riding crop the Retractable Pocket Stick has the body and substance to attach our signature Pocket Strings for the ideal groundwork/lungeing combination.

Sometimes, it can be hard to predict when you might need a ground tool or whip - but the Pocket Stick offers the perfect solution thanks to its packable and discreet size. This also makes a wonderful tool for horses that require extra desensitization to tools or are tool wise. 

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Telescoping Pocket stick whip

What will you
use it for?

A handy tool to have and a great gift idea for your horse friends

A Myriad of Applications

A portable lunge whip, a riding aid, a horsemanship stick - the Pocket Stick can step in conveniently to many common stable uses where an extension of your hand would be helpful


Extends to 38", retracts to less than 10". Available with or without string.


The Pocket Stick retracts rapidly by pushing on the tip with your hand


It can be used at any length and will "lock in" anywhere along its range - this gives you great versatility to use it as everything from a riding bat to a horsemanship stick/lunge whip.