Retractable Pocket Flag



As seen on Horse & Country TV! Used by trainer Warwick Schiller.

A Horse Education Company original product. Great Gift Idea! Inspector gadget would be envious and no doubt, all your horse friends will be too when you whip out your handy Retractable Pocket Horsemanship Flag - a collapsible version of the classic horsemanship flag.

A marvel of design, this 4' fiberglass telescoping stick collapses down to just 9 inches long and is just a half inch in diameter. It weighs just ounces, so you can easily stick it in a back pocket! It comes complete with a white flag with button hole eyelet.

If you're looking for a light riding stick that fits in your pocket, you can't beat the Pocket Flag either! Just remove the flag and you've got a telescoping stick that weighs just 1.8 ounces and fits in your back pocket, your luggage when flying or in your tack box!

For optimum performance, we suggest you keep dirt off of the telescoping stick to ensure that the segments continue to slide and collapse as designed.

Flag Attachment :

Place corner with fabric eyelet through metal eye on flag pole, bring diagonal /opposite corner of flag through sewn eyelet . Flag will not retract into pole . Wrap fabric around pole for storage .