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SlimStick & Pocket String

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40% Lighter than popular natural horsemanship training sticks - less fatiguing

Sick of heavy groundwork tools? Sick of wet, soggy strings? Our SlimStick weighs 40% less, yet has the same reach as a normal stick (Carrot Sticks, Handy Sticks, etc) and is balanced and light in your hand. You'll feel the difference the instant you pick it up!

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A Better Balanced Horsemanship Stick

Compared to any other natural horsemanship or ground work horse training stick on the market, the Horse Education Company SlimStick:

  • The SlimStick is dramatically lighter than a “normal” horsemanship stick & the same length
  • Easier on your wrist, better for precise control & less fatiguing
  • Thanks to tapered design, the stick’s fulcrum is closer to the handle - you have better control
  • Kids can stay farther away from horse than with a “normal” kids stick, they stay SAFER

The Pocket String:

  • Pocket String weighs less than half of what a “normal” string does & takes up half the room
  • Weight difference results in a faster, more responsive tool
  • Because it is a finer diameter, it will have more of a whistling noise than a normal string when used at high speed. You can use that as a cue, or as a further aid to desensitize your horse to similar noises (for instance a lariat).

The Slim Stick's design demolishes the old tool when it comes to it's handling. Because of the way it is shaped, the balance point or fulcrum is moved NEARLY TWICE as close to your hand/wrist as the old stick, which makes it so much easier to maneuver, reducing arm and wrist fatigue, and makes YOU more accurate for your horse. Yet, it still has the solid feel and bounce needed during preliminary education of your horse, or for a horse that needs reinforcement. But it doesn't stop there! We've engineered a new string that is less than half the diameter of the old one, and DOES NOT pick up water, dirt and is snag resistant. The combination of these two fantastic innovations has moves the dial forward in the quality of communication when you are working with your horse(s) on foot. 

It still operates with the same speed in your hand as a horsemanship stick - it is less fatiguing, lighter, more accurate and less likely to irritate existing issues you may have like arthritis or wrist overuse.