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Hybrid Headcollar® Leather

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Comfort leather headcollar with built-in lungeing ring, on demand control if you need it and breakaway safety. 

The patented Hybrid Headcollar® is for any horse that you feel deserves better communication with you and a more comfortable way to go about his daily life. It comes with all the features of both rope and leather halter together and is beautifully made.

HEC is the official home of the patented Hybrid Halter® with 10 years experience fitting horses of all breeds and disciplines. It is a leather halter and a rope halter crossed with the following extra benefits:

  • Sliding ring for lungeing
  • Noseband knots for control
  • Cross tie safe
  • Trailer safe
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Patented design

Impeccable stitching and craftsmanship

Excellent longevity

Carries messages to your horse

Designed for leading, tying, training

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Our matching leads finish your headcollar style makeover off with perfection