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Horse Education is in our name...

Our mission at The Horse Education Company, is to bring innovative equipment and
education direct to horse owners in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Success in horses, or in any other relationship for that matter, is about being kind, effective and
excellent …striving each day to be at our best. We encourage everyone to design their own horse training programs that work for their particular situation. There are so many great philosophies on training horses - so you have a big world of options to choose from! We work diligently to be a source non-partisan horse training advice and professional grade, innovative horse training equipment.


Thank you for letting us be part of your horse's life! If there is anything we can help you with, please don't ever hesitate to reach out.

Sara Johnson, President, The Horse Education Company

Sara M. Johnson, President
The Horse Education Company


Horse Training Philosophy

Be Fair. Be Deliberate. Be Graceful.

It is important to train a horse who is sound, both mentally and physically, so they enjoy a long and meaningful career, we believe by preparing both their mind and their body to be fit and agile, they can encounter less injury over their life and go farther in terms of what they can accomplish.

The products and educational material developed by the Horse Education Company seeks to result in a horse that is:

  • A sound horse physically whose body and mind has been built sequentially appropriate to their age
  • A good learner who asks good questions
  • An obedient student who has a clear understanding of an appropriate response
  • A confident individual who expresses their character
  • A horse whose try and heart are not only intact, but whose try is continually expanding
  • A horse that is a user-friendly and a “good read” who doesn’t need to rely on a certain trainer’s skills or someone with a certain level of skill to navigate their life
  • A horse that enjoys its interactions with people
  • A horse that can enjoy a high degree of success in its competitive or recreational career

Product Design Philosophy

Go Where There Is No Trail and Blaze One
At The Horse Education Company, we "breed" superior horse training products.

Personally we hope to ride with sass and skill until the day we die! Now and as we go forward, we want tools that make us feel handy and capable. Tools that make life easier, our training time more effective and less fatiguing physically.

For this reason, design hacking existing horse training tools, and innovating new ones that make effective training easy is a key part of our company mission.

By crossbreeding design engineering and animal behavior, we create products that have a vitality superior to the sum of their inspirations. From natural horsemanship training sticks, to our patented HYBRID horse halters to the lesson plans presented in our horse training DVDs, each product offered by The Horse Education Company has a unique twist meant to accelerate and safeguard your training relationship with your horse. We've cut through the clutter and confusion of horse training tools and philosophy and carefully curated, combined and coaxed into reality a line of products not previously imagined - all designed for how a horse learns. 

Business Philosophy

Helping to Protect the Investments,
Emotional & Financial, 
That Our Customers Make in Their Horses

A horse is one of the largest investments many of us will ever make toward our own personal life enjoyment goals, fitness and happiness quotient. How thrilling!

We enjoy helping our customers maximize the investment they make, emotionally and financially in horses. The right tools and training habits can keep the horse's brain and body balanced over a long-lived career, preventing burnout, injury and hurt feelings.

We help those training, maintaining  and managing the careers of their horses at home by providing professional grade solutions that would usually only be available with a trainer. By eliminating personality centric marketing hype, it is our belief at the Horse Education Company that horse ownership can be more enjoyable and rewarding for both horses and their humans.