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I have a hot throghobred and it is so nice to have the knots on the nose band but the convenience of the buckle and the swivel lead underneath. Keeps my horse under control and looks very nice. Absolutely love this halter. Will never buy a different one! l am probably gonna buy another one!

Excellent product!

I purchased the Classic halter in Hurricane Blue earlier this summer, to give it a try. Currently, I could not be happier with this product. I switch off between two very different horses with the rig and the fit is smooth and easy. My horses are responsive and comfortable. Needless to say, I will soon be ordering another halter in the near future.

Absolutely love it!

I purchased the Classic hybrid halter in turquoise. I could not be more happy with it! It is very well made,gorgeous and works exactly as described.

Outstanding halter!

I was so thrilled to receive my first hybrid halter. I have a big strong horse that has fractious moments in the trailer. I always trailered him with a leather halter on that would break if he had one of those moments. But when I got to my destination and unloaded him I did not have all the control I wanted because he would be excited and could really pull me around in the leather halter. The hybrid solved all that! I got him a leather one and even got him a nameplate! Now he travels in style , safer ,and I have perfect control of him at the destination! Also you can't beat the snap that latch. (Also the snap can be easily replaced). I highly recommend this innovative halter!


I saw a video about this halter on Facebook and with my Thoroughbred being only 3 years old he's still learning and trying to understand who is the leader and sometimes he will shake his head at me then get upset because the lead won't move and he thinks I'm hitting him with the rope when I'm not at all and I borrowed a loose ring halter from a friend that can go side to side and he loves it! Can't wait to see if he loves this!!