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Halter Sizing/Fitting & Exchange

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Love your new HYBRID Halter but didn't quite get the right size?

No problem! First though, see the "How to Fit the HYBRID" tab below and let's make sure that it is fitted properly.
How to Exchange/Correct Fit
Here's how to exchange your halter (within the United States):
  • Add the item above to your cart and checkout, that way, we will know to expect your return and not have to bother you for the return shipping fees when we receive it

  • Ship your halter back to us the address below. We suggest using US Postal Priority Mail as the fastest, most cost-effective option:
Horse Education Company

7640 Bechtel Road
Wooster, OH 44691

  • Be sure to include your name and what you are exchanging for
  • Personalized halter? No problem. We will reinstall the plate for you on your new halter.

Use either breed/height or measurements on chart below to choose your halter!

Size Breed/Age/Size Nose Circumference Dee to Dee*
Suckling Foal  Foals up to weaning  Figure 8  
Mini Miniature horses  18" 28"
Weanling Shetland ponies and weanling foals  20" 34"
Yearling Yearling horses and sport poinies, POA's  21" 36"
Arabian Arabians with a signature long head  22" 39"
Small/Cob Small headed adult Quarter Horses, average headed 2-year-olds, Cob size ponies and Arabians.  22" 38"
Average Most adult Quarter Horses, Paints and Thoroughbreds, Morgans, Mustangs, Gypsies, smaller Warmbloods. Under 15.2 with average sized jowls.  24" 40"
Large Larger Warmbloods, Large Jowled Paints, Foundation Bred Quarter Horses with Larger heads, Mules  26" 44"
XX-Large/Draft For all drafts and most draft crosses  28" 50"


 *Dee to dee measurement is measured from side dees on either side of the horse's face, over the top of the poll to the opposite dee.

We're here to help! Call or Text Us!

We can help you with with fit and sizing issues before or after purchase. 

Afraid to order the wrong size halter?
Don't worry, we do no hassle halter size exchanges, its easy and only takes a few days. We will even reinstall your nameplates at no charge.

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